Is Your Vehicle a Death Trap?


A simple check is all it takes to know for sure.

Recent news has indicated that Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads will be receiving a list of Australian’s still driving around in vehicles fitted with the potentially deadly Takata Airbags.

Somewhere between 1000-1200 vehicles are still fitted with these faulty safety bags. There are two types of Takata airbags – alpha and beta, and both have been identified as defective and pose a greater risk of serious injury or death for a vehicle’s occupants, especially if operated on hot and humid days. Conditions like we are in right now!

The transport department will begin with issuing defective notices, allowing owners 21 days to rectify the issue. It really is a simple process to find out if your vehicle is one of those affected. Follow these steps;

1. Click this link and enter your rego and state the vehicle is registered in;


2. If unaffected – move on and enjoy your life. 🙂

3. If affected – contact your vehicle manufacturer and get that badboy replaced!

The compulsory recall requires all faulty airbags to be replaced by suppliers by December 31, 2020

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