TYRE TIP – Do you know your tyre pressure?

Proper inflation is the single most important part of tyre care. It is the essential ingredient for keeping tyres in good condition, to provide optimum performance and give maximum life to your tyres. It is air pressure that keeps tyres fit and safe and carries the weight of the vehicle and its load, not the rubber or the casing material. Therefore, even on the most expensive tyres, if you don’t keep the correct pressure – they will wear badly.

So, if you’re wanting to get the best value and longevity out of your tyre investment, check your tyre pressure regularly and top up if required.

As part of our commitment to customer service and keeping families safe on the roads, we offer a FREE tyre check at any of our stores. This means you can call in any time and we can check your tyre pressure and make any adjustments on the spot – for FREE. This is especially convenient for parents with children in the car, the elderly or those physically unable to do this themselves.

All of our staff are more than happy to assist you today. You can book in or drop in.

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