Will My Car Be Insured If I Have Bald Tyres?

Many people are unaware of Australia’s tyre safety standards and how to tell if their own tyres are legal or if their tyres need to be replaced. This puts people in a very precarious position in the event of an accident involving their vehicle.

According to a survey on Canstar in 2016, they found;

” The survey also found that 48% of drivers delay buying new tyres for as long as possible, while 25% tend to buy the cheapest tyres available. On top of that, 29% admitted they have been fearful of an accident because of driving on worn tyres. Female drivers were more likely than males to be unaware of legal tyre safety standards as well as less likely to know how to check their tread depth. And the younger a driver is, the less likely they are to know about tyre safety, the survey of 1,587 Australians found.”

Not only is it dangerous to neglect maintaining your vehicle by ensuring your tyres are indeed roadworthy, you could be risking your vehicle’s insurance coverage if you are involved in an accident.  Insurance claims can and have been rejected based on the insured operating the vehicle on tyres not fit for driving.

That will cost you A LOT more than a new set of tyres!

Fortunately, help is at hand. 

With both our locations offering full FREE tyre safety checks, it has never been easier to get some professional advice.  Our range of tyres is extensive and we offer a full range, to cover the budget conscious to high performance vehicles.  We have second hand (roadworthy) tyres from $39 and new tyres in stock and available.  You can call in or phone one of our stores for helpful advice.

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